Our Story

  • Company Establishment

    Establishment of PECOM water Treatment Equipment Manufacturing Co.Ltd with 2 main products: Lamela settler and Gravity Filter

  • Exporting to the International Market

    Exporting Vietnamese Water Treatment Equipment to the international market for the first time, with a Water Supply System project in the capital city of Laos, Vientiane (20.000 m3/day)

  • Reanamed SETFIL Water Treatment Equipment Jont Stock Company

    Designed and constructed Vang Danh wastewater treatment plant in Quang Ninh, Vietnam with the capacity of 72.000m3

  • Establishment of WaterOs Joint Stock Company

    Water supply network management system. Implementing online water supply network management system, which helps monitoring water quality and preventing water leaks.

  • Investment in the expansion of production line of On-site Sodium Hypochlorite Generation Sysstem

    Factory: Dong Van 1 Industrial Zone, Ha Nam, Viet Nam

  • Introduction of SETFIL On-Site Sodium Hypochlorite I

    Introduction of SETFIL Gravity Filter with the capacity of 20.000 m3/day Highlight projects:
    • Hanoi, Vietnam: Van Dien groundwater treatment plant (6.000m3/day)
    • Hanoi, Vietnam: Vien Bong wastewater treatment plant (500m3/day)
  • Introduction of SETFIL Lamella Setller (3.500 m3/day) + Gravity Filter (20.000m3/day)

    Introduction of SETFIL Sludge Dewatering System for 2 water treatment plant in Hanoi, Vietnam, with the capacity of 60.000m3 and 150.000 m3/day, respectively
  • Setup a SETFIL office in Malaysia

    Introduction of On-site Sodium Hypochlorite vesion 2
  • Expanding investment in mass production chain of Lamella Tube Settler and Chemical Dosing System

    • Introduction of On-site Sodium Hypochlorite vesion 3
    • Introduction to WaterOs - A cloud - based Intergrated Water Mangement, empowering by AI
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